Solarbear Daisuki

by Solarbear

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A very fast-paced eccentric mix of genre in the chiptune format. Short run-time, quick tempo and style changes make this album a treat for fans of progressive rock, chiptunes and people who have ADD.


released 12 January 2013
Written, mixed and mastered by Curtis Ware.
Album art by Emperpep.

Special Thanks To:
Michael Allen for being my coach on this whole endeavor.
Narayan Choudury for teaching me boss mastering tricks.
Elijah Afonso and Mikee Teevee for putting their weight behind this project and being incredibly supportive.
Sarah Brown for not murdering me, even when it would have been right to.
Seth Twardy for joining me on the accordion for the live performances of 'How to Properly Use a Semicolon'.
Alex Wimmer for doing the same as Seth but with a guitar. XD
Tyler 'Rusty' Rutledge for all the image-work and advice.
Daniel Davis and Dan Behrens for being inventive so that I can copy your ideas and not be original. XD
Emperpep for the album art. It looks amazing. (HIRE THIS PERSON, LINK ABOVE)
Brandon L. Hood for all the advice, jokes, contacts and dickbutts I could ever want.
Andrew Gould and HunterQuinn for being my soulful Sherpas when I was but a wee n00b-baby in the world of chip.



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